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Metro Fibre Networks
SAINET designs, deploy and operate Metropolitan Fibre Networks. These wide-area networks offer the capability our customers or service providers to access or offer mutli-gigabit Ethernet services over a dedicated fibre optic platform.

The network architecture of a Metro Fibre Networks is highly scalable. SAINET Metro Fibre Networks provide a cost-effective solution for multi-site high-bandwidth connectivity as well as Internet Access.

Key Benefits

Control - Bandwidth is determined by the customer. Typically 4Mbps to 1Gbps Ethernet
Bespoke - Custom built to match our customers' required topology
Flexibility - Customers can deploy any number and type of services
Dedicated - Private dark fibre is dedicated to one customer and not shared
Fixed Cost - Predictable installation and rental charges for ultimate cost control
Resilient - Supports business continuity and disaster recovery planning with options for fully diverse routing
Secure - Dedicated connectivity reduces the opportunity for network break-in

Call us on 0861SAINET for further details.